Rentals rates are for same day or overnight rentals. You can rent up to 25 days. The more days you rent an item the cheaper per day rate it is. When you rent a product, you can pick it up any time on the first day of your rental and return it by 6pm on the last day of your rental (excluding Sunday return rentals). Rentals being returned outside of their rental period are considered late and another day(s) rental payment will be required. Rentals that end on Sunday must be returned by 10am on Monday. Returns after 10am are considered late and another day(s) rental payment will be required. Late fees will be equal to the daily rate as shown on the original rental agreement, including damage waiver and sales tax. We charge for days we are closed, such as Sundays and holidays, however, you can use the "Apply Promo Voucher" WEEKEND and get 50% off any Saturday to Monday rentals. Holiday discounts vary and may not always be available.

All rentals require a valid South Carolina driver's license or South Carolina issued ID. Third Party ID's and out of state ID's are not valid for renting gear. Only the person that is renting is allowed to sign the contract and pick up the equipment.

FIRST & SECOND TIME RENTERS: It is required to have secondary proof of address such as a utility bill, water or power bill, car registration, passport, etc. Junk mail will not be accepted as a second form of residency. Address must match the address on the drivers license. We may require a deposit for the FULL Replacement Deposit if you do not have Valid ID or Proof of Insurance.

Maximum rental period is no more than 25 days. We do not have longer rental terms or leases on any of our equipment. None of this equipment is currently for sale; and none of this equipment is rent to own. We retain all rights of ownership. We do not except third party payments. None of the gear is insured against loss or damage; that is the responsibility of the renter. We may ask for proof of insurance on large rentals. We reserve the right to refuse rental to anybody for lack of valid proof of identity or proof of valid insurance. Loss payee on insurance can be made to Spartan Photo Center,inc. Any refused rentals will be refunded in a timely manner if paid for in advance.

Currently booked items are listed at the bottom of the page. While these are currently shown as "sold out" they may be available for future bookings. Check the calendar for availability.

Try before you buy. The rental fee on any item can be applied to the purchase of the identical new or used item, if available, if the purchase is made with-in 30 days of the rental. Damage waiver and taxes paid from rental will not be applied to the "Try Before You Buy" program. Rental fees do not apply to any other purchases or credits.

Damage Waiver Fee: Each item has a damage waiver fee added for each item that is rented and for each day of the rental period. If damage were to incur on the gear while in your possession then the renter is required to pay a $150 deductible for repairs. DOES NOT cover losses due to loss, theft, fire or liquid damage. IF CUSTOMER DOES NOT PAY THE DAMAGE WAIVER FEE, A DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF PICK UP AND WILL BE REFUNDED UPON RETURN OF EQUIPMENT. DEPOSIT AMOUNTS VARY ON EQUIPMENT.


General: This is an agreement to rent products only and not for sale. The undersigned agrees that he/she has rented the items(s) herein described upon the express condition that it will at all time remains the property of Spartan Photo Center, Inc. The undersigned understands that a valid South Carolina drivers license or South Carolina ID is required to be presented for any rental pick ups.

Location: All items(s) must be picked up and delivered back to our store. We do not ship rentals or accept rental returns via mail.

Rental Period: Rental item(s) can be picked up during business hours 9am to 6pm EST on the first rental day and returned before 6pm on the last rental day (excluding Sunday rentals). WE ARE CLOSED SUNDAYS - rentals that have a return date of Sunday must be returned no later than 10am on the following Monday. You can use the "Apply Promo Voucher" WEEKEND and get 50% off any Saturday to Monday rentals.

Item(s) Condition: The undersigned agrees that item(s) listed were found to be in good condition and will return item(s) in same condition as when checked out. The renter agrees to take proper care of listed items and is familiar with the proper operation of same. The renter is responsible for all accessories delivered with the rental. No warranty, express or implied is made with respect to the operation or use of the item(s) functioning or operation.

Charges: All charges are based on the time the items are in the renter's possession whether in use or not. A full days rental shall be charged even for a partial days use. Payment is due at time of online reservation, failure to make payment will result in the item(s) not being reserved. No refunds will be given if equipment is returned early.

Cancellation: Rental canceled at least one business day (Saturday and Sundays are not considered business days) in advance will be refunded in full. Cancellation with less than one business day notice will be subject to a $35 late cancellation fee. No-shows may be subject to the full amount of the rental charge, any refunds for no-shows will be at Spartan Photo Center, Inc's sole discretion and will be on a case-by-case basis.

Deposit: No deposit is taken unless you opt-out of the Damage Waiver Fee; in which case a cash or credit card deposit is taken for the full amount of the equipment and held until the items are returned. The Damage Waiver Fee is a per day charge and has a $150 deductible for damage that DOES NOT cover losses due to fire, loss, theft or liquid damage. Repair or replacement would then be required.

Damage/Missing Items: The renter will be charged for each accessory item not returned at the time of rental return. Refunds will be given if items are found after return and brought back within 10 days.

Insurance: Any insurance is the responsibility of the renter, a certificate of insurance may be required on large multi-item rentals.

Liability: The customer is responsible for loss or damage due to any reason. Customers are urged for their own protection to properly insure item(s) rented against any losses for the time rented. Customer agrees to hold Spartan Photo Center, inc harmless for any damages or loss due to failure of item(s) rented to operate for mechanical, software or other defects, operability of item(s), lack of renters ability to use item(s), inability to rent item(s) due to it already being rented, overbooked or not returned on time by other renters.

Agreement: By receiving item(s) listed above and signing below, renter agrees that he/she has read this agreement and agrees with the terms there-in.

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