Rentals rates are for overnight rentals. We charge for for 1 or 2, 3 to 7 and 8 to 25 nights. If you rent a product you can have it from 10 am to 6 pm for a single day rental, or over night from 10am on the first day and return it before 6pm on the second day for a single night rental. Any rentals that end on a Sunday are to be returned on Monday before 10am to not be considered late and incur a late fee. After 10am another day rental payment will be required. Late fees will be equal to the daily rate as show on the original rental agreement, including damage waiver and sales tax. We charge for days we are closed, such as Sundays and holidays. You can use the "Apply Promo Voucher" WEEKEND and get 50% off any Saturday to Monday rentals. Holiday discounts vary and may not always be available.

We do not have longer rental terms or leases on any of our equipment. None of this equipment is currently for sale; and none of this equipment is rent to own. We retain all rights of ownership. The equipment must be picked up by the person renting the gear, with a Valid South Carolina Drivers License. We do not accept out of state or 3rd party Identification or 3rd party payments. First time renter are also require to have secondary proof of address on a utility bill, like a water or power bill. None of the gear in insured against loss or damage; that is the responsibility of the renter. We may ask for proof of insurance on large rentals. We reserve to right to refuse rental to anybody for valid proof of identity or insurance. Any refused rentals will be refunded in a timely manner.

Damage Waiver and full terms of rental are available in the tab below labeled "Damage Waiver"

Currently booked items are listed at the bottom of the page. While these are currently shown as "sold out" they may be available for future bookings. Check the calendar for availability.

Try before you buy. The rental fee on any item can be applied the the purchase of that item, if the purchase is made with-in 30 days of the rental. Rental fees do not apply to any other purchases or credits.

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